Sky Sports News App – Reviewed

Sky Sports News App – Reviewed

When Sky Sports News app for IPad was launched in 2012, it almost immediately had more than half a million downloads It is known that sports fans can be very picky when watching sports programs. For example, if you can’t see the ball bounce properly when watching a tennis match, you might as well give up. But can you achieve that quality on a mobile phone or iPad if HD streaming is not available? Also besides the fact that downloading of the application is free, what else did attract the viewers, they still have to pay a certain subscription price?

First of all, with the app you can not only access dedicated home pages for all the major sports, not only those that Sky sport covers live, but also all the others, and those include everything from football to Formula 1, even what some might consider exotic sports. The coverage includes the latest news, fixtures, results, standings and all other relevant facts.

Secondly, the app offers direct streaming of all major Sky Sports channels, and these are Sky Sports Channels 1-4 as well as well as Sky Sports News and the Sky news itself. You can also access the programing for these channels.

sky sports news app

So how does the streaming look on the iPad screen. There the opinions differ. Some reviewers say that the picture quality is very good, some customers stating that the quality of the picture is at least 75% of the quality on the big screen TV. Others beg to differ, saying this is particularly so if you enlarge the picture to full screen. The attribute this to the lack of HD quality. The features that there are no quibbles about include the possibility to pause the stream and the 30 seconds rewind capability, something that every true sports fan appreciates, whether they might have missed something, or if there is moment they want to enjoy again.

Of course, the capability to watch your favorite team or sportsmen on a full train home has its costs. If you are already a Sky Sports subscriber, the basic subscription price of £4.99, and £4.99, and £9.99, for additional packs 1 and 2 respectively might seem quite reasonable. But, if you are not, paying £35 a month might be a bit too steep.

So what could be the verdict? If you are a Sky Sports subscriber, it would mean that you are a dedicated sports fan who does not want to miss that crucial game, or any other game for that matter, this is something to have handy if you are not in a position to watch it on a high quality TV receiver. If not maybe you should steer clear.

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