8 iPhone Garage Door Openers App

8 iPhone Garage Door Openers App

An iPhone is an advanced gadget with top notch features that comes in handy in various personal day to day needs with the right applications installed in it. Listed below are various applications that can be downloaded and installed in your gadget to help in controlling, monitoring and managing your garage door.

My Door Opener :An impeccably useful tool that allows you to have control over your home and garage. The user can turn the home security system on and off and also shut and open the garage door.

Nio-Garage: A cost effective application with no monthly fees charged. It uses a WiFi garage door kit that allows the iPhone user have control over garage door open and close it when logged on.


iSmart Gate: With this device, you can effectively control your garage door without your phone being connected to the internet and just use Siri.

Tap It Open: This app is downloaded from Cydia, forcing you to jailbreak. You only need to tap in the commands to your garage from your iPhone.

BTMate: It requires the user to buy a GarageMate receiver. It’s quite handy as it works with utmost all garage door openers thus letting you open and close your garage door using your android or iPhone.


miDoor: It has a special feature of numerous alarms such that you will be able to know when your garage door is prompted unawares. It can also work with gate and various profiles can be set in.

Secure Remote: This application allows the user to add upto five different profiles. It has a total integral management access system.

Craftsman’s AssureLink Garage Door Opener: An accurately reliable application that needs its compartible mobile app to enable the control of your garage door.

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