Technologically Advanced Central Heating Gadgets

Technologically Advanced Central Heating Gadgets

Technology has been thriving in the world today and energy sector hasn’t been left behind. It has led to great advancements in the gadgets we use in everyday lives and overly changed the way we live and interact with other people.

The central heating industry has also had a share of the cake with various heating gadgets produced. To gather ideas for this article we got in touch with Adaptair heating and cooling, specialists in central heating systems with a vast knowledge of the best gadgets on the market.



This is the innovation of British Gas where it helps in central heating. The device can be adjusted to fit the required heating temperature required. The Hive uses a wireless thermostat that is placed on the wall and controlled by a wireless router.

Heat Miser Neo


It is a heating device system that controls heating in various rooms in the house. You can set the device to automatically heat the house when you approach. A timer can also be set on each room to heat when room is only in use.

PassivLiving Heat


It comes with a smart heat controller which can be attached to a Smartphone or an interface to help in controlling the device. The system senses the inside temperature of the room and when automatically set, will automatically power on when temperature drops.

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