Can Chat Apps Really Improve Communication In The Workplace?

Can Chat Apps Really Improve Communication In The Workplace?

Organisations assign employees in teams to undertake a project. Individuals in teams need to share their ideas, opinion between team members.

They need to communicate in real time swiftly to update their work and to overcome any potential barriers.Chat apps come to the rescue of these teams.

These apps allow individuals to have private conversation with team members or undertake a group chat session. They save time by eliminating the need to have a formal session.


These apps are effective for teams whose members are placed globally.Some chat apps that keep teams in sync:


Apart from having chat option, HipChat can work seamlessly between different interfaces. Individuals can attach pictures and other information that is required to share between team members.

Moco – Chat, Meet People

This app gives user ample space to store their data. It can be integrated with various cloud platforms. It has chatting as well features like recording tasks and undertaking notes.


This app allows users to video conference with team members, conduct custom chat. It also preserves logs in case of group chats.


It allows users huge storage space to save their files, photos. This app is idle for large teams with big chat sessions in multinational corporations. It has features to integrate and sync with third party apps.


This app has calendars to mark important dates, it is an ideal software to be used in projects. It has options like chat and scheduling tasks.


It has features that allow private conferences, task reminders from time to time. Individuals can post their opinions based on the task in hand.


It has features to allow real time communication that help in monitoring projects.

User can avail its services from various interfaces.

Email might still be the first choice for official communication but chat apps are playing their role in syncing teams and helping them to work smoothly.

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